Urban Data Science Day 1

14 Apr 2017

Today is my first day learning data science for urbanism using Goeff Boeing’s course.

Throughout my readings on the topic of urban innovation (and architecture in general), I’ve come across way to many people who have attempted to build products because they sounded sexy or fit the creator’s skewed perspective of what an ideal city would look like. Given that we live in an age where access to both private and public-sector data sets is common and that there are a gazillion different ways to learn data science for online, I think it is about time that all aspiring urban innovators leverage this power to build products that plug into a population’s current patterns and actually solve problems. My hope is that by following Goeff’s course, I’ll learn more about the urban-dwellers around me and become better suited for proposing solutions to the challenges they contantly face.

I’m shooting for one module every other day, so if I don’t post at regular intervals, email me and tell me to get back to work.